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Website Launched at December 2010 Meeting
by Chris Bale - Wednesday, 15 December 2010, 06:19 PM
This new website was formally inaugurated at the UnICEG meeting on 15th Dec at City University. Announcing the site, UnICEG Secretary Dr. Andrew Clarke, said that it gives the group a high quaility public interface and would soon become the main means of communicating with its members.
Tim Williams, Chief Technical Officer of AutoTrain, which created the bespoke site, demonstrated the many features of the site and its resources for the public and members. The archive of many past presentations is aleady in place and the searchable databases of images, useful contacts and specialist suppliers will be populated in the coming weeks.
Describing how pleased AutoTrain is to have been chosen to create the knowlege repository, Dr Cedric Ashley CBE, the Chairman, said that the site will be further developed to provide contacts for shared video clips and showed members a means to prepare lectures for live broadcast or capture for leter recall. Members can contact AutoTrain via c.ashley@autotrain.org

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