UnICEG is a collaborative grouping of UK universities and industries with the main objective of encouraging IC engines research and development. The membership of the group over 100, representing almost all universities, research institutions and companies with an interest in IC engines in the UK. The primary roles of UnICEG are to encourage collaboration between UK engine research groups and to facilitate technical exchanges through regular seminars. Its main successes have been in promoting IC engines research and development and in collaboration with SERC and EPSRC on managed programmes in Combustion Engine Research.

The group was originally established in 1968 as the Universities Internal Combustion Engine Computing Group with a membership of 10 and including such notable personalities as R.S. Benson, W.A. Woods, F.J. Wallace and W.J.D. Annand. The primary aim of this group was to bring together the computing effort within UK universities to produce a comprehensive engine simulation code. This group received grants from the Science Research Council (SRC) and in 1973 produced the final computer programs. This code has subsequently been used, developed and expanded by many researchers.

At the end of this project, the group was reformed under the current title of UnICEG in an effort to capitalise on the good collaborative links developed over the previous 7 years. Professor Benson continued as Chairman of the new group and membership began to grow rapidly. The first general meeting, to the current format, was held in July 1976 at the Royal Military College, Shrivenham on the topic of Engine Heat Transfer and a new Chairman, Professor F Wallace was elected.

(Photograph courtesy of Johnson Matthey plc)

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