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Thinking of offering a presentation?
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Thinking of offering a presentation?

Whilst we aim to maintain a high standard of presentation and technical content, meetings are held in a friendly atmosphere and a goal is to encourage stimulating discussion. Indeed, ‘work in progress is positively encouraged’ and feedback from colleagues within UnICEG may be useful in helping to develop your ideas prior to publication in the archival literature. Presentation materials are available only to members of UnICEG, and in a form that does not constitute a formal publication.

Please contact the secretary (or any member of the committee) if you wish to offer a presentation or to discuss possibilities.

Guidelines for the presentation

Presentation Timing: We ask that presentations are 20 minutes long followed by up to 10 minutes for discussion. This timing is strictly maintained because the aim of UnICEG is to promote the best possible open discussion.

Audiovisual facilities: UnICEG meetings are held in a wide variety of venues. However, all include computer data projection (e.g. powerpoint). If you wish to use other facilities such as video or OHP, this should be discussed with the secretary of local organiser in advance.

Use of on site computer facilities: This is the preferred option because it provides the least disruption between presentations. It is strongly advised that you arrive in good time to install your presentation (from memory stick or CD/DVD) before the start of the meeting. Alternatively, you may wish to email your presentation (subject to size) to the secretary a couple of days before the meeting so that it can be set it up and tested in advance.

Use of your own PC: This option might be better if your presentation requires special software or video drivers. However, please consider that this can prove disruptive due to the time required to swap PCs between presentations.

Backups: Please ensure that you always bring a backup copy of your presentation on memory stick or CD/DVD to allow for any computer failure.

On the day: The secretary will be at the venue in good time (usually before 10.00am. Please introduce yourself to him. The lecture theatre also will be available from that time should you need to load your presentation onto the PC, or you may wish to 'test things out'.

Circulation of presentation material to members after the meeting: We circulate summary presentation material in electronic, PDF format, (subject to the agreement of the author) to members a few days after the meeting together with the meeting minutes. Typically this would be a copy of your powerpoint slides plus any brief text and references you might wish to add (A brief abstract is ideal). Please send the secretary an electronic copy of appropriate materials before the meeting if possible (He can convert it to PDF if preferred). Alternatively please provide it on the day on CD or via memory stick transfer to the secretary’s PC.

Draft programme: The Secretary will send all authors a copy of the draft programme (incorporating details for travel arrangements) prior to it being circulated to members. Can authors please check the agenda carefully and advise the secretary of any corrections (e.g. please check that the presenting author (in italics), additional authors, title, spelling etc. are all accurate).

Guests of the presenter: Please provide the names of any colleagues/students who will be coming with the speaker on the day (free within reason!).

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