Annual membership of UnICEG can be on a personal or corporate basis, or on a cost of attendance at all meetings in a year as preferred by some organisations.

A single membership subscription to UnICEG entitles a named individual and/or any chosen representative(s) to attend meetings three times in any given year (may be three persons at one meeting or one person at three meetings, or some other combination). The named individual will also receive minutes of each meeting, the agenda for future meetings and a copy of the material used in the technical presentations.

Double membership permits two persons to receive the information (if required) and allows up to six single attendances in any given year. It is assumed that named individuals circulate the UnICEG information to other colleagues in their organisation.

Multiple memberships also are available for up to 10 man-meetings.

Subscription rates are set at around the minimum level required to cover the costs of copying/mailing, provision of refreshments and lunch at meetings and other incidental costs. Current rates are £80 and £150 per annum for single and double membership respectively.

Potential new members are asked to contact the secretary for further information and an application form.

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